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Main Office:
1205 Vanrose Street,
Mississauga, Ontario L5V 1W8

Property Manager:
 William Gani

Founder and Executive
Director (Retired):
 Annie Liem


WMI Apt. Building 1
1205 Vanrose Street,
Mississauga, Ontario L5V 1W8
Tel. (905) 821-3090
Fax. (905) 821-0048

 Joseph Subagio
Admin Assistants:
 Suzan Tan & Rethy Gani


WMI Apt. Building 2
Creditvale Mills Seniors
1535 South Parade Crt.,
Mississauga, Ontario L5M 0
Tel. (905) 567-4508
Fax. (905) 567-8278

  Hartanto Setiawan (Aan)
Admin Assistant:
  Shierly Juneily

WMI Apt. Building 3
Creditvale Mills Family
1555 South Parade Crt.,
Mississauga, Ontario L5M 0
Tel. (905) 567-0965
Fax. (905) 567-8278

  Martin Ong
Admin Assistant:
  Shierly Juneily

Wisma Mega Indah is located on Vanrose Street, major intersection (Eglinton Ave. W. & Creditview Rd.)

Wisma Mega Indah (Main Office & Apartment building)


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Wisma Seniors Creditvale Mills







      Since 1983 Annie Liem had submitted numerous applications to the Non-Profit Association without any success. Liem never gave up hope and finally in 1987, she had the opportunity to meet Mayor Hazel McCallion of Mississauga. Liem seized this opportunity and zealously expressed to Mayor Hazel McCallion the dire need to build a non-profit apartment for the low income residents in Mississauga. The Mayor then introduced Annie to David Culham, then Councillor of Ward 6 and also to Keith Ward, who was the Director of the Non-Profit Housing Association.

Ground Breaking 

Ground-breaking ceremony on July 4, 1992

     From thereon the dream to build a non-profit apartment began to take shape. Although there were many challenges to overcome, the idealistic dream to provide more living opportunities for Mississauga citizens was unyielding. One such challenge was to obtain the necessary zoning requirements (at the time Wisma's ground was not zoned for high rise residence). Fortunately, David Culham stepped in and helped in obtaining the zoning for this project. Many surrounding neighbours in the area opposed to the building of a non-profit apartment in their neighbourhood. The Board of Wisma Mega Indah worked effortlessly to obtain petitions of support and signatures from neighbours in and around the area. Then 4 days meetings were held with the OMB (Ontario Municipal Board) to discuss and satisfy the resident's objections to the project.

Grand Opening

Grand Opening ceremony on September 25, 1993

      At the end we were fortunate in obtaining the approval for re-zoning from the OMB. Hence in 1992 Wisma celebrated the Ground Breaking ceremony and obtained its full occupancy for the Wisma Mega Indah building in 1993.

Our thanks to the Mayor Hazel McCallion, David Culham, Keith Ward and Kaneff, the builder.

See pictures of our Wisma Anniversary celebration: 5th Anniversary, 10th Anniversary and just recently last year on September 27, 2008 we celebrated our 15th Anniversary.



      We would like to convey our deepest thanks to the many individuals who played a role in successfully establishing the two new non-profit housings in Mississauga.

      The project, as you know, required careful considerations and funding which would not have been completed without the combined efforts of a hard working team. We would to say a special thank to our former commissioner Keit Ward for the opportunity, and to David Culham for introducing us to the owner of Wintor Equities, the late Mr. John Welton, providing us with all the necessary blueprints. Although we faced a new obstacles, it was truly rewarding when the project was finally approved by the Regional Council on September 27, 2012. Thank you to our present commissioner Janet Menard who submitted recommendation for Wisma Mega Indah Inc. to manage the Seniors building.

Ground Breaking

Ground-breaking ceremony on August 10, 2010

Slide show: Ground breaking ceremony and Lunch reception @ Wisma Mega Indah.


      We would like to thank: Our Mayor Hazel McCallion, Carolyn Parish, Keith Ward, Ron Starr, our Councillor of Ward 6, Janet Menard, our Commissioner, the late Mr. John Welton, our Board of Directors, last but not least our dearest friend David Culham for all their help in realizing our dream in helping our Seniors within the communities for providing and managing a building that we all can be proud of.

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